2015 Annual Crime & Safety Review

WH Street SignThe Whispering Hills Neighborhood has continued to remain a relatively safe neighborhood during 2015 even
though some of the neighborhoods to our south and west have spiked with crime activities over the last few years.

Whispering Hills Neighborhood only showed 49 incidents reported on the Dallas Police Department system for 2015. There have been a few others reported on social media apps (Nexdoor) that never had an incident report entered into the DPD system. Based on the possibility of personal harm being the highest severity level, Whispering Hills Neighborhood only had one reported. This incident was theft by force of a neighbor’s cellphone at the Liberty track.

The others were:

Home Break-ins -6

Auto Break-ins – 18

Criminal Mischief – 11

Other – 9

Lost and Found Property – 4

Basically, there are two major magnets that draw non-residents into Whispering Hills Neighborhood. They are the RISD schools and the City of Dallas Park. Another that might be considered is the connection without traffic lights from Buckingham to Walnut and from West Garland neighborhood via Deermont to Buckingham or Walnut. Of these major magnets, there is not much that can be done to change them; RISD is probably not going to close the schools, the City of Dallas is probably not going to sell the park property and Whispering Hills Neighborhood is probably not going to become a gated community stopping traffic flow through our neighborhood. So, the question is what has been done and what can be done in the future to improve the safety of the neighborhood and reduce crime further.

Although I have lived in Whispering Hills Neighborhood since 1980, I have only been involved with the neighborhood since 2011 or 2012 and have been the VIP coordinator since June of 2015. I have been made aware of the many great initiatives that neighbors have accomplished, some more successful than others, for the betterment of Whispering Neighborhood. Some of these changes have benefited some neighbors more than others but they all have strived to improve safety in our neighborhood. First Whispering Hills has been able to increase the number of VIP’s that volunteer hours to keep a watch our for and report criminal activity. The second would be the walling off of Lawler to reduce foot traffic from entering Whispering Hills Neighborhood from the west. Third, the raising of the west wall to try to impede wall crossing from the west. Fourth, the ongoing effort to block Deermont on the east to reduce traffic flow from Garland neighborhoods. There have been a couple of other initiatives over the years that have been tried but have not been able to reach the goals that were hoped for. First, the security camera that was placed at the corner of Lawler and Whispering Hills on the RISD property has not been available to WHNA board or VIP group. Second, the no U-turn sign at Branwood and Whispering Hills which could prevent accidents and traffic congestion but regular adherence by motorist or regular enforcement by DPD is non-existent.

What are some of the safety issues to Whispering Hills Neighborhood residents: let’s list them in defending order of severity.

  1. Possibility of increased crime in general
  2. Gunshots fired in streets and alleyways
  3. Vehicle break-ins
  4. Increased drug and criminal activity at Friendship Park and certain streets in Whispering Hills
  5. Increased traffic due to enlargement of RISD attendance zones
  6. Wall jumping and foot traffic in alleys
  7. Tire Dumping
  8. Wall painting

Possible ideas that can be used to solve some of the listed problems will be explored in 2016.

Well, it has been an interesting and instructional first half of the year as VIP coordinator. I can’t begin to thank all the old and new VIP’s that aided in this voluntary program for the neighborhood, but I will say it – THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I only ask that many more resident of Whispering Hills Neighborhood be willing to step up and take a little four hour course and give what time you have to keep an eye out for the safety of the Whispering Hills Neighborhood. All suggestions that can reduce crime or increase the safety will alway be greatly accepted.


Mike Gorman, VIP Cooridnator


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