Whispering Hills VIP Group of the Year!

1d2392e005d2aa35ada9644635bc0d44.JPG.max800It is with tremendous pride that I announce that the Whispering Hills VIP Group was the winner of the Northeast Dallas Patrol Division VIP Group of the Year Award!

This group of 26 dedicated volunteers led by Mike Gorman has been the driving force in our neighborhood to keep the aid in keeping our neighborhood safe. This dedicated group did over 1950 hours patrolling to keep our neighborhood safe in 2016. The recognition banquet was held this evening and the Northeast Dallas Patrol Division has more VIP members than all of the other divisions in Dallas combined. So it is further distinction to recognize the tremendous dedication and support of these individuals.

Thank you all for your tireless hours!

Chuck Laughlin
Whispering Hills President

Criminal Activity is way down in Whispering Hills

Neighbors, Just wanted to report what was presented at the open Board meeting this past Monday night (Everyone is welcome and you should try to attend when possible). All Criminal Activity is trending way down year-to-date for 2016 in our neighborhood. The last crime reported by DPD that involved residents was on 11/2/16. The last non-DPD reported incident was a vehicle accident on Whispering Hills on 11/5/2016.
To keep this trend going and to keep Whispering Hills as safe as possible, all residents should be observant and report to 911 any suspicious activities and then post on Nextdoor or send me a Private Message. Please consider volunteering to be a Crime Watch Lead for your street (all is required is to stay alert and watch for any strange vehicles or activities around you and your neighbors; and try to get to know your neighbors and their contact information in case of an emergency disaster situation).

Below is a recap of presentation slide.

VIP Patrol Hours
October – 166.50 Hours
YTD – 1609.75 Hours

Major Crime/Safety Issues Y-T-D Reported by All Sources
Criminal Mischief / Vandalism 17
Suspicious Activities (Persons/Vehicles) 17
Disorderly Conduct / General Disturbances 14
Gunshots Reported 11

Volunteers in Patrol
One New Patroller Took Course in October for a total of 23 volunteers
Total YTD – 23

-Mike Gorman VIP

YOTM- 10128 Rita Rd

1yardBoo! One of the ways the people of Whispering Hills put thought into their yards is through holiday decor. Of course, it only works if your house and yard are already neat and well maintained (because nothing’s scarier than an unkept yard). Well this house has a treat for us, with big, festive, light-up, inflatable displays that will attract tricker-treaters from all around – in addition to a lush green lawn of course. That’s why Yard of the Month goes to 10128 Rita Rd. Congratulations to Angel Grover – we’ll see you on Halloween!
-Tim Gingrich

1yard-2 1yard-3

Councilmember McGough’s State of the District

image001Councilmember McGough will be updating residents next week. Please see message below.

“Please join us Tuesday, June 21 from 6:00-8:00pm at the Lake Highlands High School Auditorium for the “District 10 Year in Review”. During the event we will be giving an overview of the years accomplishments, ways to engage going forward and end with a special surprise for you and your family!
I look forward to working alongside you as we continue to make all of District 10 a great part of the City. There will be surprises, introductions and treats…this is an event you will not want to miss!”

Councilmember Adam McGough

Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Doors Open: 5:30 p.m.
Event Begins: 6:00 p.m.
LHHS Auditorium

Please click here to like Councilmember McGough’s Facebook Page for frequent updates concerning the District and the City.

YOTM February: 10205 Cimmaron

image1It’s not quite spring yet, and our lawns and plants have endured months of winter. A lot of us were outside this weekend preparing our flowerbeds and laying mulch. But let’s face it, this is one of the toughest times of the year to have a great looking yard, making it difficult to find a Yard of the Month. Then I saw 10205 Cimmaron. Besides the fact that the trees don’t have any leaves on them, you might mistake these pictures for being taken in a different month. Look at those flowers blooming. Color! Of course, the beautiful red lawn chairs help, as do the flower pots and stones and dry river beds that look great all year long. For these reasons, 10205 Cimmaron is our Yard of the Month. Congratulations Whispering Hills resident Jean Caldwell!

Tim Gingrich

Speeding on Whispering Hills Drive

30mphRecently, the City of Dallas conducted a traffic study on Whispering Hills Drive at the Deermont intersection. The study found that 62% of drivers are speeding, above the 30 mph speed limit in the northbound direction, along with 56.9% of drivers speeding in the southbound direction. The total traffic count, in terms of vehicles per day, was 4,487, an increase of over 1000 vehicles from the 2001 number of 3445 cars. 

The streets engineer stated the most likely cause for the high traffic count on the road is due to the surrounding apartments in our area. The engineer noted that physical barriers are the best at slowing speeders. Unfortunately, due to Whispering Hills Dr. being an emergency route for Dallas Fire-Rescue, speed humps may not be placed on the road. 

Dallas Fire-Rescue was recently contacted by the Association to explore the possibility of reclassifying Whispering Hills Dr. as a non-emergency route. Understandably, the Fire Department maintained that the road must remain as a primary emergency route since many of the streets in our neighborhood are only accessible from Whispering Hills Dr. and speed humps would greatly hamper emergency response times.

Two petitions for stop signs on Whispering Hills Dr. are currently in the process of receiving signatures, with over 230 signatures needed. A stop sign has been requested at Whispering Hills at Bunchberry, for the crosswalk, as drivers ignore the crosswalk and it is very dangerous for kids to cross the intersection. Another all-way stop has been requested at the Deermont, because of the limited sight distance due to the curve of Whispering Hills Dr; Deermont also connects to Garland and has over 900 cars a day passing through our neighborhood. 

Dallas Fire-Rescue stated they would be receptive to the appeal for stop signs at these locations. 

Other options to slow speeders are being explored with the Streets Department, including searching the City budget for funds to install digital radar speed signs. The Deermont road closure petition is still in progress, in the hope to reduce the number of vehicles on Whispering Hills Dr. by closing the through route to Garland. 

Holt Mitchell