Destination 2017 Status Update

2017 Status Update

In an effort to keep you updated and aware of the status and initiatives for 2017; below is a summary of our current status for Destination 2017.

Membership dues paid up for 2017 currently stands at 25 of 615 homes for 4.07%
We currently have 302 of 615 homes currently on Nextdoor for 49.11%

Committee Needs for 2017 (we need volunteers to lead the following committees and still need volunteers for all committees for 2017.
Membership Lead
Membership Cards (can be the same as the Membership or a member of that group)
Grounds/Improvement Lead
Social Media Lead (Nextdoor/Website/Facebook)
Youth Engagement Lead
Cultural Diversity Lead
Helping Hands
Please let me know via private message if you are interested in any of these positions. To be successful for 2017 we need a group of dedicated individuals to lead these initiatives.

I have been getting a lot of great feedback from individuals as I have been meeting many of you. Below is a list of initiatives that have been brought up that we will review/monitor/update for 2017
WHNA Bylaws, West Wall, Friendship Park, South Entrance, and Security.

Thank you for your comments and suggestions and I am looking forward to a great 2017.

Chuck Laughlin
WHNA Community President 2017

YOTM – December – 10201 Cimmaron

There are many houses in Whispering Hills with great Christmas light displays. But only one can be seen from outer space: 10201 Cimmaron. From chimney to foundation, from garage to front door, every surface is illuminated by lights. It’s right on the corner, so you’ll see it driving through the neighborhood. But it’s also worth a walk to see close up. So pack up the kids, bring your hot chocolates and have a look for yourself. They’ll love seeing the light-up characters assembled on the lawn, from Santa to Spider-Man and even Mater from “Cars.” Thanks to Whispering Hills residents Alasi and Tasha Mustafa for creating this winter wonderland in the heart of Whispering Hills and congratulations on being Yard of the Month!

I really appreciate everyone who has thanked, commented, and sent me nominations for YOTM this year. Going around the neighborhood every month has deepened my belief in what a beautiful neighborhood we have with so many great yards, homes, and neighbors who work hard to keep them that way. Hope everyone has a great holiday.

Tim Gingrich


Whispering Hills Destination 2017

Welcome on our Journey as we prepare for Whispering Hills 2017. I am excited about the future of our neighborhood and look forward to serving as the Whispering Hills Community President for 2017.

The elected board of 2017, Chuck Laughlin – President, Keli Kincaid – Vice President, Claudia Bankston – Treasurer, Susie Leinneweber – Secretary, and Bonnie Galloway – Member-at-large, is excited to announce that our goal and focus will be on building Community Engagement through Cultural and All Age Diversity by bringing in programs and events geared to celebrating and learning from those who have built our community to what it is and engaging those new families who are the future of our community. At the same time we will be have our focus on Inclusion, built on Respect and Dignity, across all areas in our community and full Transparency in our endeavors. Finally in order to make these things come to pass all of this will be done while maintaining our Fiscal Responsibility to our community.

We are kicking off our membership drive for 2017, the term of which runs January through December. We welcome you all on our Journey to Destination 2017 and our commitment to building a better community.

I ask that if you have any questions or would like to volunteer, as much or as little time as you have, to aid in our efforts for 2017, please feel free to private message me here and I will be happy to talk with you to find the best fit for your talents and skill-set. We need a lot of volunteers to help make it a successful 2017 and we welcome and value your input.

The membership form can be found under the join tab an  indicates a place that you can either pay for your membership online, you can mail a check to the address indicated on the form, or if you would like to pay by credit card please let me know and I will make arrangements with you to do that. Thank you in advance for your commitment and investment in our journey and the future of our community.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can over the next year around the neighborhood, at our open community forum monthly board meetings, or at our soon to be announced “meet on the street” events.

2017 WHNA Community President
Chuck Laughlin

Whispering Hills Neighborhood Association 2017 Board Members

Big thank you to everyone who attended the Annual Meeting last night! Congrats to our new 2017 board members: Treasurer Claudia Bankston, Secretary Susie Owens Leinneweber, and Member-at-Large Bonnie Galloway!! Thank you for volunteering!
The President and Vice President positions are still open, so send us an email at if you would like to volunteer for a position.



YOTM – August – 10134 Panther Ridge Trail

When describing the Yard of the Month, it’s typical to talk about the “lush lawn.” Well you won’t find a blade of grass in this yard. Every square inch is filled with ground cover, trees, bushes, flowers, other ornamentals, and river rocks. One might be tempted to think this has been done with the intention of reducing the amount of work required to maintain it. After all, there’s no mowing, right? In fact, a tremendous amount of care goes into keeping this front garden up. And Don and Donna Powell do a great job of it year round. Congratulation to our YOTM winner.


yotmaugust1 yotmaugust2 yotmaugust3 yotmausust4

YOTM – July – 10132 Cimmaron Trail

Lots of us in the neighborhood like to take walks in the evening. This is one of the many yards I always appreciate when I walk by. Year round, it is always immaculate. Consistency counts for something! So does patience: all these trees didn’t grow over night. And the attention detail here – check out the cute, landscaped corners and subtle brick paths around the side. Plus, if you’ve been following my posts, then you know I have a thing for lawn and porch chairs. All these reasons make 10132 Cimmaron our Yard of the Month. Congratulation to Edwin & Zobeida!YOTMJuly1 YOTMJuly2 YOTMJuly3 YOTMJuly4 YOTMJuly5 YOTMJuly6

YOTM – June – 10139 Bettywood

YOTM: 10139 Bettywood
The corner houses are so important. They’re the first impression we give visitors to our neighborhood. 10139 Bettywood is a good example of the kind of impression we want to give. Its lush lawn, neat and well kept flower beds – even appropriately themed holiday decorations – show the pride and community spirit that make Whispering Hills such a great place to live. That’s why 10139 Bettywood is our Yard of the Month. Congratulations to Mike and Nancy Gorman

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YOTM – May – 10232 Cimmaron

YOTM: 10232 Cimmaron
There are some beautiful things in bloom over at 10232 Cimmaron this month. The inviting yard is immaculately landscaped and filled with color. Congratulations Whispering Hills resident Art Yum!   See a yard you would like to nominate for Yard of the Month? Just send me a message. Tim Gingrich


YOTM – April – 12605 Whispering Hills Drive

April showers bring… Yard of the Month! 12605 Whispering Hills is ready for spring with a thriving lawn, flowers in full bloom, and a bird bath to welcome all the migratory birds that Texas gets this time of the year. What really caught my eye was the Japanese Maple. Anyone who has ever burned through one of these guys knows what an accomplishment a specimen like this is. For these reasons, 12605 Whispering Hills is our Yard of the Month. Congratulations to longtime residents Jodie and Billy Chambers!

Tim Gingrich

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