Criminal Activity is way down in Whispering Hills

Neighbors, Just wanted to report what was presented at the open Board meeting this past Monday night (Everyone is welcome and you should try to attend when possible). All Criminal Activity is trending way down year-to-date for 2016 in our neighborhood. The last crime reported by DPD that involved residents was on 11/2/16. The last non-DPD reported incident was a vehicle accident on Whispering Hills on 11/5/2016.
To keep this trend going and to keep Whispering Hills as safe as possible, all residents should be observant and report to 911 any suspicious activities and then post on Nextdoor or send me a Private Message. Please consider volunteering to be a Crime Watch Lead for your street (all is required is to stay alert and watch for any strange vehicles or activities around you and your neighbors; and try to get to know your neighbors and their contact information in case of an emergency disaster situation).

Below is a recap of presentation slide.

VIP Patrol Hours
October – 166.50 Hours
YTD – 1609.75 Hours

Major Crime/Safety Issues Y-T-D Reported by All Sources
Criminal Mischief / Vandalism 17
Suspicious Activities (Persons/Vehicles) 17
Disorderly Conduct / General Disturbances 14
Gunshots Reported 11

Volunteers in Patrol
One New Patroller Took Course in October for a total of 23 volunteers
Total YTD – 23

-Mike Gorman VIP

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