Destination 2017 Status Update

2017 Status Update

In an effort to keep you updated and aware of the status and initiatives for 2017; below is a summary of our current status for Destination 2017.

Membership dues paid up for 2017 currently stands at 25 of 615 homes for 4.07%
We currently have 302 of 615 homes currently on Nextdoor for 49.11%

Committee Needs for 2017 (we need volunteers to lead the following committees and still need volunteers for all committees for 2017.
Membership Lead
Membership Cards (can be the same as the Membership or a member of that group)
Grounds/Improvement Lead
Social Media Lead (Nextdoor/Website/Facebook)
Youth Engagement Lead
Cultural Diversity Lead
Helping Hands
Please let me know via private message if you are interested in any of these positions. To be successful for 2017 we need a group of dedicated individuals to lead these initiatives.

I have been getting a lot of great feedback from individuals as I have been meeting many of you. Below is a list of initiatives that have been brought up that we will review/monitor/update for 2017
WHNA Bylaws, West Wall, Friendship Park, South Entrance, and Security.

Thank you for your comments and suggestions and I am looking forward to a great 2017.

Chuck Laughlin
WHNA Community President 2017

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