YOTM – June – 10139 Bettywood

YOTM: 10139 Bettywood
The corner houses are so important. They’re the first impression we give visitors to our neighborhood. 10139 Bettywood is a good example of the kind of impression we want to give. Its lush lawn, neat and well kept flower beds – even appropriately themed holiday decorations – show the pride and community spirit that make Whispering Hills such a great place to live. That’s why 10139 Bettywood is our Yard of the Month. Congratulations to Mike and Nancy Gorman

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Councilmember McGough’s State of the District

image001Councilmember McGough will be updating residents next week. Please see message below.

“Please join us Tuesday, June 21 from 6:00-8:00pm at the Lake Highlands High School Auditorium for the “District 10 Year in Review”. During the event we will be giving an overview of the years accomplishments, ways to engage going forward and end with a special surprise for you and your family!
I look forward to working alongside you as we continue to make all of District 10 a great part of the City. There will be surprises, introductions and treats…this is an event you will not want to miss!”

Councilmember Adam McGough

Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Doors Open: 5:30 p.m.
Event Begins: 6:00 p.m.
LHHS Auditorium

Please click here to like Councilmember McGough’s Facebook Page for frequent updates concerning the District and the City.

YOTM – May – 10232 Cimmaron

YOTM: 10232 Cimmaron
There are some beautiful things in bloom over at 10232 Cimmaron this month. The inviting yard is immaculately landscaped and filled with color. Congratulations Whispering Hills resident Art Yum!   See a yard you would like to nominate for Yard of the Month? Just send me a message. Tim Gingrich


YOTM – April – 12605 Whispering Hills Drive

April showers bring… Yard of the Month! 12605 Whispering Hills is ready for spring with a thriving lawn, flowers in full bloom, and a bird bath to welcome all the migratory birds that Texas gets this time of the year. What really caught my eye was the Japanese Maple. Anyone who has ever burned through one of these guys knows what an accomplishment a specimen like this is. For these reasons, 12605 Whispering Hills is our Yard of the Month. Congratulations to longtime residents Jodie and Billy Chambers!

Tim Gingrich

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YOTM – March 10235 Echo Ridge

March is when things start springing up all over the place … from Richardson’s wildflowers to the blue bonnets by the side of the road. But you don’t have to idle beside the freeway to see Texas’ state flower – or grape-smelling mountain laurel, or purple wine cups. These are all on display at 10235 Echo Ridge. This yard is ushering us into the season with a lot of native Texas plants and perennials that are popping back to life on schedule – plus an inviting wooden bench, which welcomes us to spend a while in the spring. For these reasons, 10235 Echo Ridge is our Yard of the Month. Congratulations Whispering Hills residents Linda and David Bartley.


Northeast Patrol Division – Volunteer Recognition Ceremony – Mike Gorman, VIP Person of the Year

Congratulations Mike Gorman who was awarded the VIP Person of the Year by the Northeast Patrol Division. Mike has dedicated many hours in making our neighborhood a safer to place to live. Thank you and your team of neighbors for volunteering your time.

Below is a complete list of the Award Winners

IMG_4374Neighborhood / Crime Watch Group of the Year
Lochwood Neighborhood Association

Volunteers in Patrol Group of the Year
White Rock Valley

Volunteer of the Year
Lorena Betancourt

Multi-Family Person of the Year
Amanda Whittiker



YOTM February: 10205 Cimmaron

image1It’s not quite spring yet, and our lawns and plants have endured months of winter. A lot of us were outside this weekend preparing our flowerbeds and laying mulch. But let’s face it, this is one of the toughest times of the year to have a great looking yard, making it difficult to find a Yard of the Month. Then I saw 10205 Cimmaron. Besides the fact that the trees don’t have any leaves on them, you might mistake these pictures for being taken in a different month. Look at those flowers blooming. Color! Of course, the beautiful red lawn chairs help, as do the flower pots and stones and dry river beds that look great all year long. For these reasons, 10205 Cimmaron is our Yard of the Month. Congratulations Whispering Hills resident Jean Caldwell!

Tim Gingrich