Seeing Red in Whispering Hills

Drivers throughout Whispering Hills will be seeing red when it comes to stop signs. The 2016 WHNA Board approved a plan to have the city add red reflective post tape to EVERY stop sign pole in the neighborhood. The reflective post tape was added to the stop signs at Lawler and Whispering Hills when they were replaced last July. Since then, neighbors have noted more people coming to a complete stop at the intersection, especially at night.

Whispering Hills is only the 4th area in Dallas to have all stop signs outfitted with the reflective tape. Whispering Hills joins the Old Lake Highlands, Forest Hills, and Spring Creek neighborhoods; along with the City of University Park.

The diamond-grade reflective tape will be installed by the city on the remaining 26 stop signs posts in the neighborhood over the next week.

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