“Team 2016” Ten Ideas for Improving our Neighborhood

WH Street SignNew WHNA officers for the year 2016 – “Team 2016” – consists of Richard Pruitt, Holt Mitchell, Mary Walraven, Crystal Hughes, and Lynn Peltier. Ten ideas that have been developed are listed below. Priority of these ideas will be up to the membership.

  1. The city of Dallas will be putting together a list of items to be included in a 2016 bond program. We want to work with our new city council member, Adam McGough to get money in the bond program to cut entrance and exits in the median on Walnut for the apartments so they will not have to use Whispering Hills Drive to do U-turns.It has been a long time since we’ve had a councilperson interested in neighborhoods north of 635. Adam McGough is very interested in helping our neighborhood become better. We need to work closely with Mr. McGough to help solve other community problems.
  2. Replace the security cameras at Lawler Rd and Whispering Hills Drive. Technology has changed since WHNA installed the security cameras years ago. The cameras and recorder need to be updated to High Definition 1920 X 1080 quality so license plates on autos can be read if needed. I remember a time we could see a truck carrying off a resident’s possessions, but the quality was not good enough to identify the truck’s license plate.  We also need to make sure the head of our VIP program has easy 24/7 access to view video from the cameras. It is time we check into adding more security cameras at the north and south entrances to our neighborhood on Whispering Hills Drive.
  3. Update the north and south walls at the entrance with a stone look. Replace the signage with Lake Highlands branding. Redo the landscape to include native plants that require less water along with seasonal color. Holt has been working with the city of Richardson to improve the north entrance. He has some great ideas. First impressions are very important to our visitors as well as to someone thinking about moving into our neighborhood. This will help our property values.
  4. Issue membership cards for WHNA members. Work with area merchants to give discounts to our members on services or products. Wouldn’t it be nice to eat at a neighborhood restaurant and show them your membership card for 10% off your meal? Maybe a local cleaners would give a percent off you’re cleaning by showing your card. Merchants would look at our members as loyal customers. This is done by many other neighborhood organizations to increase membership. College Park already does this and they get discounts at Calloway’s and other area merchants. We can do this for less than $50. Rewarding our membership with special discounts on services and products would add value to being a member.
  5. Our VIP volunteers have been doing a great job protecting our neighborhood. One way we can help them is to purchase dash cameras they can use while patrolling. This would automatically record activity they may need to share with the police department. The cost of these cameras has dropped as low as $35 to purchase one high definition 1920 X 1080 dash camera.
  6. Plant trees along Whispering Hills between the fence and sidewalk along the football field. This would be much more pleasing than looking at a chain link fence and make the area less open for speeders.  We will need to work with RISD to accomplish this goal. Hope to research grant money for this project. Any volunteers want to help with this project?
  7. We want to offer an alternative to reporting a code violation on your neighbor to the city of Dallas. We feel a better way to handle a code violation is to have a neighborhood volunteer in charge of code violations. This person would be available via email or phone to report a code violation. He or she would talk with the violator trying to help with a solution without identifying the reporting person. Many code violations happen because the resident may not be aware of the city code. A friendly reminder might handle it without our resident getting a ticket. We are not saying you cannot call 311 to report a code violation. Just looking for a more friendly way.
  8. Have a designated person to monitor the surrounding multi family properties for crime data and statistics. Work with apartment owners and management for improvements and city officials on reporting crime ridden properties and placing them on the SAFE program. Secure the help of other neighborhood organizations to get action against the worst offenders.
  9. We have gathered signatures to close off Deermont Trail to Garland. We need to follow through this closure with the city of Dallas. This would reduce over 700 plus autos entering our neighborhood per week. Garland residents’ use access speed down Deermont Trail for a shortcut to Buckingham or Walnut. Their residents also use garage sale signs to draw people into Whispering Hills Drive from Buckingham and Walnut and then direct them up Deermont Trail to garage sales in Garland.
  10. The wall needs a new coat of paint. The wall along Walnut has been painted a few years back, but little attention has been given to the alley side of the wall. We think it would make our neighborhood better if we held a one-day “Paint The Wall Day” with volunteers donating their time to help paint both sides of the wall with the association providing paint, brushes and rollers. Every improvement we can make to our neighborhood will make it a better place to live and protect and improve our property values.
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  1. Thanks for sharing !! This web-site is a great way to communicate and I appreciate the work and time given for keeping our neighborhood a safe,clean and wonderful place to live.Hopefully, I will look for more ways to assist in 2016!!

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