YOTM February: 10205 Cimmaron

image1It’s not quite spring yet, and our lawns and plants have endured months of winter. A lot of us were outside this weekend preparing our flowerbeds and laying mulch. But let’s face it, this is one of the toughest times of the year to have a great looking yard, making it difficult to find a Yard of the Month. Then I saw 10205 Cimmaron. Besides the fact that the trees don’t have any leaves on them, you might mistake these pictures for being taken in a different month. Look at those flowers blooming. Color! Of course, the beautiful red lawn chairs help, as do the flower pots and stones and dry river beds that look great all year long. For these reasons, 10205 Cimmaron is our Yard of the Month. Congratulations Whispering Hills resident Jean Caldwell!

Tim Gingrich

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