YOTM – July – 10132 Cimmaron Trail

Lots of us in the neighborhood like to take walks in the evening. This is one of the many yards I always appreciate when I walk by. Year round, it is always immaculate. Consistency counts for something! So does patience: all these trees didn’t grow over night. And the attention detail here – check out the cute, landscaped corners and subtle brick paths around the side. Plus, if you’ve been following my posts, then you know I have a thing for lawn and porch chairs. All these reasons make 10132 Cimmaron our Yard of the Month. Congratulation to Edwin & Zobeida!YOTMJuly1 YOTMJuly2 YOTMJuly3 YOTMJuly4 YOTMJuly5 YOTMJuly6

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